Color theme for Visual Studio Code

About Zeonica

Zeonica was originally designed by Andrew Vallette in 2017. The goal was to create a beautiful, colorful, and functional dark theme for Microsoft's up-and-coming code editor, Visual Studio Code.

As Visual Studio Code has evolved, so has Zeonica, and numerous improvements have been made to the theme over the years. As of January 2023, the theme has been downloaded and installed over 18,000 times.

About the author

Andrew Vallette has 25 years experience in software engineering, UI/UX, and creating digital art. He is a long-time user of Microsoft development environments (since Visual C++ 4.2!), but enjoys creating software for Linux and other platforms as well. He works as a Senior Software Engineer for Anaconda, and in his spare time enjoys reading, gaming, creating pixel art, and spending time with his wife, Kara.

You can contact Andrew via email at .

Get the theme

Installing the Zeonica theme in VS Code is easy: Simply navigate to the Extensions view, and search for Zeonica. Install the extension, and you're all set!

Alternatively, you can visit the official page for Zeonica at the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Like Zeonica?

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